Our Mission: Sustainable Cryptocurrency Mining

CryptoSolarTech is a project that combines renewable energy and cryptocurrency mining to make the latter have the least possible ecological footprint.

CSTMining is CryptoSolarTech's mining platform.

Solar Farm

We've built a solar farm in Marchena, Spain, capable of producing over 45.000 kW of clean energy.

We've reached a P.P.A (Power Purchase Agreement) with a distributor company, who will take care of energy distribution for the next 15 years.

We buy electricity at 0.045 cents from the P.P.A. If we plug this into the equation, we obtain a total capacity of 15 MWatts, to install 3.000 miners for the first phase of the project.

The total number of miner machines is expected to grow by a factor of 5 to reach 15.000 machines by the end of the first phase.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our mission is to create a pool of CST miners completely powered using solar energy. Using the 45.000kW of energy that our solar farm produces, we are able to power our ASIC miners in a clean and efficient way.

The farm consists of 180 ASICs, each of them being as powerful as 8 of the previous models.

Our ASIC miners will have the following specs:

  Hashrate: 170.000 TH/s

  Consumption: 15.000 kW