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Acquire our CST token

CST is an ERC-20 type token that works on the Blockchain of Ethereum, an open source decentralized platform that allows the creation of smart contracts. Ethereum will allow the transactions of the CST token over time in a transparent and verifiable manner.

By acquiring the CST token, the user gains access to Cryptosolartech's mining platform, CST Mining and acquires a computing power for the cryptocurrency mining, the user decides if they want to mine or selects one of the available plans, whereby the Cryptosolartech team will decide what to mine for you.

Do you want to be part of this and still do not know how? Find our token in the following Exchanges:


Since a while ago, mining cryptocurrencies individually isn’t an option. It is only at the reach of a few who, to carry out the activity, make big investments in specialized ASIC equipments.

In the past, with few servers, we could mine and obtain an interesting mining power. Now there are large professional mining pools that cover the majority of the mining with a large volume of Hash power and which are impossible to compete with individually.

At Cryptosolartech, we count on 3.000 specialized ASICs that compete with large pools, thanks to the fact that we have the best equipment and technology in the market. Our miners are supplied with renewable energy produced by our own photovoltaic plants, thus making the activity an efficient and sustainable practice.


It is Cryptosolartech’s mining platform.

CryptoSolarTech is a worldwide pioneer project whereby its main objective is the start-up of a cryptocurrency mining farm through renewable energy located in the south of Spain. Taking advantage of the country's climate, we get abundant energy coming from photovoltaic plants, which will be used to make the cryptocurrency mining profitable. This farm will initially be equipped with 3.000 miners which will be at the disposal of the CST holders of mining.

Cryptosolartech’s cryptocurrency mining farm is located in Malaga (Spain). The photovoltaic plants will be located in different points in the south of Spain.